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Geodesy Lab Geodesy Lab






Microgeodesy Laboratory

establish and maintain higher order (first, second and third order) geodetic ground control network, deformation studies and structure analysis such as bridges, dams, precision alignments, industrial machinery installation


Space Geodesy Laboratory

Current research activities include satellite altimetry, satellite gravimetry, orbital science, airborne and shipborne gravimetry, GPS positioning for moving platforms, and surface deformations


Physical Geodesy Laboratory

measurements and characteristics of the earth's gravity field as well as theories regarding this field to deduce the shape of the geoid and in combination with arc measurements, the earth's size, exploration


Tectonic Geodesy Laboratory

Monitoring and analyzing the changing shape and gravity field of our planet over the widest possible range of spatial and temporal scales


Geodetic Laboratory

research and development in the areas of static and kinematic positioning with the Global Positioning System (GPS), satellite altimetry, geoid determination, crustal deformation, the earth's rotation, and tropospheric and ionospheric studies


Astronomical Geodesy Laboratory

Computation of vertical deflections, Astronomical coordinates, Satellite tracking


Environments and Disaster Monitoring

Environmental monitoring and evaluation of floods and droughts, geologic and geomorphic hazards, and
other natural hazards